Amani – Tanzania’s Secret Jewel

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Amani – Tanzania’s Secret Jewel

If you’re looking for a great weekend gate-away or the perfect holiday in Tanzania, this is the place for you. If you are interested in ecological studies or just want to connect with Mother Nature then don’t hesitate to pack your bags, switch off your mobile and head off to this tropical paradise.

The Amani Nature Reserve is actually a coastal rainforest that makes its abode in Muheza District in Tanga. The reserve lies deep in the Eastern Arc mountains that stretch for thousands of miles from Udzungwa and Usambara Mountains in Tanzania and the Taita Hills of Kenya. The reserve was gazetted in 1999 and is home to a cornucopia of various plants and animal species, most notably the Saint Paulia species of the African Violet that is found in Tanzania only.

There are lot of attractions on offer; beautiful scenic rivers gushing through lush forest greenery, majestic and awe-aspiring gigantic trees, misty and smoky cascading falls that are part and parcel of the picturesque village life found on the hills. Now who would want to miss this for the world?

If the temptation to go to Amani is just too much for you to bear, you only need to board a bus all the way to Muheza, a four and a half hours drive from Dar es Salaam. As you near the Reserve, you will notice green cedar trees covered with medium sized, heart shaped leaves wound around them, and giving off a heady aroma. This is actually the black pepper vine!

Misty, Mysterious, Magnificent

The nature reserve is a joy ride for nature lovers. The flora and the view is absolutely spectacular! This is a real pristine rainforest with huge trees, a diversified vegetation and lush birdlife. The presence of 11 species of the African violet in the wilderness of the Reserve plus the availability of native and endangered plant species add to the tourism attractions of this beautiful Reserve.

This is bird-lovers heaven where a wide variety of bird species have been recorded. You’ll find many bird watchers visiting Amani specially searching for exotic and endangered birds.

Getting there

There are various great and affordable places that one can stay at that provide full B&B plus a selection of things to do accompanied by experienced guides (check out Advertising Dar to get various options on accommodation and weekend getaways in Tanzania).

You can decide to go bird watching, forest hiking, mountain biking, watching the twilight, and of course swim in some of the many falls dotting the landscape. While doing most of these activities, you will be able to experience the idyllic village life in Chemka Village famous for its misty falls and butterfly farm projects set up by locals as a means of alternative income. Spice farms and so much more.

Of course you can visit the reserve any time you feel like it, and get to revel in one of the least ‘touristy’ destinations in Tanzania, but you will enjoy it even more if you go during the months of June-November when the rains have ceased.

After you visit the Amani Nature Reserve, check out Advertising Dar Online to plan your next mini-break, stay-cation or proper holiday in Tanzania!

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