Auditions for 2018 pantomime TREASURE ISLAND – Tonight

Auditions for 2018 pantomime TREASURE ISLAND – Tonight

Contact via Email :

Contact Via Phone : +255 716 221 652

Event Date and Time : October 8, 2018 12:00 am

Event Address : @ the Little Theatre, Dar es Salaam

Event Details :

Don't forget the pantomime adult and teens auditions are TONIGHT at 6.30pm at The Little Theatre.

If you forgot to sign up your child for the chorus on Saturday please also join us this evening at 6pm or send us an email notification.

This years pantomime will now be TREASURE ISLAND so we are looking for a swashbuckling cast including Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, a traditional panto Dame, various ship-mates and a parrot!! Lots of chorus and cameo opportunities for the children in the chorus.

Treasure Island - A Pantomime Characters
Jim Hawkins - A Boy. An orphan lad, full of adventure (to be played by a female as a pantomime principal boy)
Dame Joanna Silver - The Dame. Guardian to Jim, and proprietor of the Admiral Benbow Inn (to be played by a male as a pantomime dame)
Mysterious Stranger - A stranger of the mysterious variety. Later revealed to be Jim’s long-lost father
Captain Flint - Joanna’s Parrot who is obsessed with crackers (female/male part)
Tess Coe - A shopkeeper, not very bright
Dorothy (Dot) Perkins - Another shopkeeper, also not very bright, but not as dim as Tess
Captain Smollet - Captain of the Hispaniola, upright and brave
Molly - Captain Smollet’s housekeeper, longs to become Mrs. Molly Smollet
Long John Silver - A wicked pirate, possessed of a leg of wood, a hooked hand of steel, and a heart of stone.
Cameo role for member of orchestra or sound crew (Pianist – Act 1, Scene 1)
Cameo role for a man in boxer shorts (Act 2, Scene 5) - could be omitted (the character, not the boxer shorts) if you don’t have enough time or enough men in boxer shorts.
A Chorus of Womenfolk later press-ganged into being the crew. Named parts are: Betty, Susie, Bertha,
Sally and Sheila. If you have more men/boys, you can adapt the script to suit.
Skeletons, ghosts and spiders