Today : Sunday 16th December 2018

aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Health : Dreams are powerful and often prophetic right now and so listen to your dreams, write them down and ponder on them as they may be clues to what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Emotions : Emotions are fast to develop and quick to fade; you are prone to acting on your first emotional impression.

Personal Life : Sexually and romantically Aries are ready to shoot that arrow for Cupid, why wait for him, you will initiate as things simply feel “right”. Your sense of timing in love is spot on.

Profession : Ok Aries, shift into a lower gear, slow down and take stock. Shut out any noise and open yourself up to receive. Often it is only when we withdraw from the melee of daily life for an hour or so that ideas, inspiration and solutions flood back into our heads.

Travel : Travel to another city in your state or country for the purpose of meeting the extended family is favoured.

Luck : You are lucky in the areas which are technical and require skill.

taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

Health : Taurus often see things in black and white and can find it hard to define grey areas, however, today can assist you in making sense of what defies convention or at least the mind-sets that you have established.

Emotions : While you may feel emotional you will hide those emotions today as they are very private.

Personal Life : Changes in relationships tend to go your way, even what could be seen as negative initially can turn out to be a blessing.

Profession : Taurus have a good grasp on where you are going now and even if the destination changes from your initial evaluation, you can adjust quickly as the changes to the destination will be exciting and surprisingly good.

Travel : Travel is favoured if it in connection with Christmas shopping, especially for yourself

Luck : You are lucky in terms of work with children or selling products for children.

gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Health : This is a good day to plan activities which will motivate you and stimulate the expansive side of your life like planning a holiday, a party or something which gives you a sense of personal pride.

Emotions : You may purge some friends from your life or simply ignore them for a while if they are emotionally not gelling with you.

Personal Life : A positive vibe and a boost to self-esteem help you to be more self-expressive and to put your own personal stamp on romance – there is more of your input in love and romance, you steer that ship.

Profession : Venus, ruler of your 5th, sextile Saturn can mean a very prosperous (creatively and financially) period for work in the leisure and entertainment industry.

Travel : Travel is favoured, especially if it is to spend time with parents.

Luck : You are lucky when you take bold decisions and step into the limelight.

cancer (Jun 22 - July 22)

Health : You are able to balance different needs and different areas of your life quite well today and so if you find life a juggling act, today the balls are behaving themselves.

Emotions : You may feel quite dependent on your mother’s approval or advice right now.

Personal Life : Cancer are all up for a fun night out or a fun night in – whether you decide to be the entertainers at home or to join other couples for a few drinks, the good vibes flow.

Profession : You are torn between speaking your mind and trying to appease; it can be very hard to bite your lip and you are just gagging to throw your penny’s worth in, but you feel it could upset the applecart.

Travel : Travel to a retreat is favoured.

Luck : You are lucky when it comes to using direct selling and social media selling.

leo (July 23 - Aug 23)

Health : Leo should use the energy from Jupiter today to resolve conflicts with others, as you are bound to be well-received due to a sincere and warm demeanour.

Emotions : Leo feel lucky and blesses, sometimes a small bit of luck is the universe’s way of letting you know it does care after all.

Personal Life : This is a great day for dating especially if the date involves being very active. In marriages, communication is enhanced and focuses very much on the future and on planning.

Profession : Today there is goodwill and a certain amount of good luck available, however, it won’t be slam dunk good luck like winning the lottery, it will be more subtle and so look out for it and jump on the opportunity.

Travel : Trips to theme parks, plays, local attractions are favoured.

Luck : You are lucky in networking and in interactions with peers.

virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)

Health : If things are confusing and do not make any sense and also if there seems no justice today, do not try and reason it out – logic cannot decipher Neptune, often only time can make sense of it. In many cases, the cloud passes and you can forget about it.

Emotions : One can only do what seems best at the time and so be decisive and do what you feel needs to be done. Doing nothing is not a good option.

Personal Life : Close personal relationships, especially marriage, make demands on you spiritually, you may be dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

Profession : Double check before you fire off emails or tweets or any communication which cannot be taken back – it is worth one more glance to see if you could just word it a little differently to improve impact and lessen any possibility it is taken the wrong way.

Travel : Travel or even booking travel to somewhere you have dreamed about is favoured.

Luck : You are lucky in impressing people in authority.

libra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)

Health : Today your health is solid and reliable and you will able to do whatever you need physically and mentally – not a day for massive risks, steady does the trick perfectly.

Emotions : Your partner is more emotional than you and your levels of compassion are tested.

Personal Life : Relationships with men are solid and also very supportive; you can draw extra strength and also count on your man to be there to advise and have your back.

Profession : Today should be used for strengthening and reinforcing any skill or relationship which you are thinking of using in the near future – prepare well and anticipate who and what you will need to call on.

Travel : Travel to an exotic location is favoured, especially if you travel alone.

Luck : Libra have luck in the area of higher education and adult learning.

scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Health : If you don’t want to get wet, stay away from the water – indeed, if you are on a diet, trying to save money or avoid alcohol, today you could be tempted and so steer clear of the people and places who will lead you astray.

Emotions : You are impressed when others show emotional depth – it is something you seek in a new friend or lover.

Personal Life : When the going gets tough the tough get going; Scorpio are not in the mood for arduous relationships and when the fun goes out the window, you are out the door and onto the next big thing.

Profession : It is not like Scorpio to be judgmental, but right now you are allowing certain beliefs and mindsets to dominate any logic when it comes to evaluating people and you just are not giving them a fair chance.

Travel : Travel in connection with getting back to basics or closer to nature ie camping or trekking, is favoured.

Luck : Luck comes in connection with a new friend.

sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Health : Today you can have the best time with strangers or people you know less well; you may even find yourself able to discuss serious issues with a stranger online a there is this cyber barrier which often allows our walls to come down.

Emotions : You are very emotional about your children and feel satisfied in your role as a parent.

Personal Life : While things may not be bad in the relationship there is this unsatisfying impasse where you cannot get at what you need to get at in order to resolve an issue. In many cases, your partner is just moving goal posts.

Profession : Sagittarians need to stick with it – there is the urge to throw in the towel as you do not like the direction things are going in, but give it a few more days and changes by then could have you looking at it very differently.

Travel : Travel in connection with meeting a lover or reuniting is favoured.

Luck : Luck comes in connection with a father figure.

capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

Health : Be careful in all travels and take extra water in case you are stuck in jams and other transport hassles.

Emotions : This is a very instinctual time when you are guided by your gut.

Personal Life : You spin me right round baby right round”, is maybe the way Capricorn are feeling in love, but the dust from this spinning top will soon settle allowing you to see what was real and what wasn't

Profession : Management decisions must be finalised and in terms of equipment and things like software and also security must be tested to ensure they work as they should and are compatible with other programmes.

Travel : Travel in connection with learning new skills is favoured.

Luck : Luck comes in connection with a religious ceremony or charity event.

aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

Health : You need to take a moment to think about what you have been eating/drinking - are you storing up for a problem? With Mars in your 2nd house, bad recent habits come back to bite.

Emotions : Aquarians are analysing and dissecting emotions, you need to understand them better.

Personal Life : New romances face a test - does this person suit you or was the attraction, however good, of a time and place only. In marriages hold back on the romance and see what comes back from the other person. Passion needs reciprocity.

Profession : You diplomatic tether is wearing thin and you may be inclined to give someone two barrels (in terms of a full and very frank exchange.) some people only get it when you are blunt.

Travel : Travel in connection with a romance or blind date is favoured.

Luck : Luck comes in the middle of a crisis.

pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Health : Breathe a sigh of relief as life is about to quieten down and become less contentious. Others will come along to pick up some slack and you will feel free of some responsibilities.

Emotions : You tend to spend emotionally and so keep your receipt as that desire you had may evaporate.

Personal Life : A holiday coming up or perhaps less hectic work patterns mean more time for romantic, playful and titillating chat. A light-hearted movie or sudden invite to the neighbours leads to a pleasant evening conducive for love and affection.

Profession : In some cases, you have to be quite ruthless and just tell people, "you are wasting my time," there is cost-benefit analysis and time-benefit analysis - think in these terms.

Travel : Travel in order to provide a service ie catering or as a makeup artist or stylist is favoured.

Luck : You are lucky in your marriage and in ventures with your partner.