Today : Tuesday 21st August 2018

aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Health : Today is a day that signals well being, accompanied by a state of mind that will push you to explore new frontiers and ideas.Allow yourself more time for socializing and pleasurable activities, break out of a boring routine.

Emotions : You would walk into the room and lit it up with your bubbly charm. The energy, vibe and excitement and your inner child is playful once again. Stay young, wild and free!

Personal Life : Aries will start the day off with the feeling that all is the same but steady but surely, as the day passes, the horoscope shows an improvement will show up.The power of example is what you could want to follow today, take advantage of the experience of others.

Profession : A day that could mark some changes and with a bit of luck the changes will be positive for your finances.Don’t expect spectacular growth in your business or job, steady and long term is better than abrupt and unsubstantiated growth.

Travel : Business trips will be disappointing. Beware of hoax as monetary loss are indicated during travel.

Luck : Watch out for an enemy in the disguise of friend. Do not loose your heart for any failure you experience. An explosive atmosphere at your workplace can blow up into a full-fledged argument.So, it is best to avoid confrontations at work today.

taurus (Apr 21 - May 20)

Health : Fitness levels could be very low especially in the first part of the day, you could get tired more easily and it will be tricky to stay alert.Time to stop laying around, be more active, pick up some healthy habits and run with them.

Emotions : Your sense of self-worth feels enhanced. There is a lot of affection and appreciation with which you look at yourself. Wear your favourite dress and slay on!

Personal Life : You could have the feeling that your search has no end, stay positive, surround yourself with enthusiastic people, your Taurus horoscope recommends you to try new things.Fear not if changes arise in your love life, think positive and you will overcome any problem that mounts in your path.

Profession : Your workplace is starting to feel right, you are beginning to get noticed for the effort you put in so a boost in finances should follow.Don’t postpone things, finish what project you already started and view the day with confidence.

Travel : Short trips with friends will bring you happiness and peace.

Luck : Nothing would seem to be working today. Delays and disappointments might get you upset. Prayers will help you.

gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Health : Time to get up and reach for higher goals, it’s a day favorable for you, a day in which new projects should be pursued.Try and be more active, staying alert through out the afternoon especially, even if your mood inclines to say otherwise.

Emotions : The beautiful feelings that you have for your loved ones, might take some time to come to your lips. Show them you love them with your actions. Take better care or make their favourite dish.

Personal Life : You could be in the process of recovery from a forced separation, Gemini horoscope for today suggests caution in new adventures.All negative things are likely to pass in the following days, expecting you to restore healthy relationships.

Profession : With some though times behind you, the universe will find a way of balancing all out and some good times in terms of available money are likely to arrive.Get your batteries back up to full, this is not the time to relax, if good thing are happening in your finances, keep on going this road.

Travel : Your trip shall bring you financial gains.

Luck : Be careful about your health issues as luck does not favour you today.

cancer (Jun 22 - July 22)

Health : Try and get rid of stress, look beyond this day and the approximate future, think big and plan on the long run.If your determination made you stick to a long term plan, then this is the day that will mark a change for the better.

Emotions : If things don't go according to the plan, do not worry much. No need to be disappointed. Heavens have a divine plan for you to manifest and there are beautiful things awaiting you.

Personal Life : Baby steps are advised for your personal life today, don’t rush things, a long lasting connection is build over time.Long lasting relationships are tested, but the more stable they are, the easier it is to overcome obstacles.

Profession : your budget might have been put under some strain these past few days, now an adjustment towards the better is likely to happen.Moderation is likely to characterize the growth in your capital, effort is still needed from your part to keep on the right track.

Travel : Avoid traveling as chances of some minor injuries are indicated. Be careful in case you are traveling.

Luck : Be aware of your speech as today is not an auspicious day. You might unintentionally hurt someone.

leo (July 23 - Aug 23)

Health : Try and devise a long term plan regarding your health and well-being in general terms, then try and stick to it.You are ambitions, you could move past impediments with some consideration to details and perseverance.

Emotions : You would suddenly find yourself donating some money or extending some love at old age homes or orphanages. The generosity of your heart has seen a rise and you would transform into a compassionate human today. The world needs you!

Personal Life : All the signs are there, you may have been noticing them for a while but it’s now time to step up and be more communicative.Cherish every new connection that comes long, smile more and approach people with confidence.

Profession : Look for new partnerships this will be in your favor for the following days, if carefully approached they will bring financial comfort.Try and keep an open mind, although spotting the dangers is not always at hand, you should navigate with success through this period.

Travel : You will travel with family and friends and spend some quality time with them.

Luck : You need to be alert before taking any decisions as today is not a good day for taking any risks.

virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)

Health : A day that can prove to have a great and effective influence on you for a long period now although it’s start can be tricky.But as the day progresses, your state of mind and will be dominated with by a sensation to push hard, taking initiative and get things done.

Emotions : This day you would like to focus on more humanitarian goals. The focus from yourself has shifted and you feel like a more selfless person. Call up some N. G. Os around you extend your care to the world around you.

Personal Life : A great opportunity for new and exciting connections is foreseen for today, so keep and open mind and be more sociable.Perseverance might be rewarding, your love life is set to flourish, improvements are announced in all aspects of your personal life.

Profession : A feeling of satisfaction is likely to turn this day into a good day in terms of your financial status.It’s time you might resume pursuing higher dreams, financial backing should be once again on the rise.

Travel : You shall travel with your partner. The trip shall be more blissful and filled with love moments.

Luck : Bad luck might give you more stress today. Avoid participating in any nuisance activity.

libra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)

Health : Your health state, fitness level and overall well being status is likely to see a good improvement today.A good feeling is likely to embrace you and surround you with a forward-looking attitude that fends off most obstacles.

Emotions : This is the day when you will walk up to your mentor, best friends or any of your trusted confidant and take an honest feedback about yourself. There is great positivity in you and you want some reflection to come in and transform you wonderfully.

Personal Life : Not the greatest day to make new stable connections according to your Libra horoscope, pay more consideration to long lasting relationships.Things are certainly looking as they might pick up in your immediate future so don’t lose your faith.

Profession : Look for new partnerships this will be in your favor for the following days, if carefully approached they will bring financial comfort.Try and keep an open mind, although spotting the dangers is not always at hand, you should navigate with success through this period.

Travel : You shall travel outstation with your partner. You shall have reflective time with your partner.

Luck : Luck shall help you deal with daily tasks.

scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Health : Today looks like a day in which your fitness, energy and strength levels should be at top levels.Try and be more active, staying alert through out the afternoon especially, even if your mood inclines to say otherwise.

Emotions : Your heart has sensitised and even a cute dog video can bring tears to your eyes. The best way to channelise this and have a great day is to watch stand up comedy videos or go through some funny memes. If you cry easily you can laugh easily as well today.

Personal Life : This could prove to be a favorable day for you, your love life seems to be on upward trajectory and this should reflect back on your personal life.Try and get more out of every encounter, you can never know where a new and important person may step into your life.

Profession : Honoring your debt might leave you with empty pockets today, this is just a temporary situation and luck will follow.No need to get anxious when your finances seem diminished, try and spot new opportunities, and work harsh to achieve your goals.

Travel : You shall cancel your travel plans and spend quality time with your family.

Luck : You may be upset about something today as everything seems to be working against you. Be patient.

sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

Health : You could see a slight improvement when it comes to overall health, be responsible, the danger has not passed yet.Make some changes in your diet, consider eating out less and approach home cooked food even if your time is limited, it’s benefits are worth it.

Emotions : Consistent hard-work has brought you success and success has brought you great, remarkable self-confidence. You would charm daylights out of everyone you meet or come across.

Personal Life : Changes in better should be visible, small they could be but here is where Sagittarius’s characteristic perseverance should kick in.Try and be proactive, don’t wait for chancess, seek them and try to capitalize, this should ensure a better personal life in the future.

Profession : Changes up ahead for Sagittarius natives are likely to happen today, with a bit of luck and prudence they will be for the better.Your state of mind will have an influence on its own over this day and even on your finances, time to get up and be more productive.

Travel : You shall travel to shrine with your loved ones. You shall have blissful time visiting shrine.

Luck : Today is one of the good luck day where with little efforts you shall achieve many things.

capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 21)

Health : More discipline in your habits is likely to bring you long-term benefits, improving your life altogether.Your body is your temple, try and have more caution in dealing with every day events that could impact your health.

Emotions : It is your discipline and regularity that will bag you great compliments today. What's more? You would be motivated to work harder and keep continuing your efforts.

Personal Life : New liaison are likely for today, chances of getting to know the true nature of some people are very high.Differences between you and a loved one could fade away, and a fresh start to that bond could prove beneficial for all sides involved.

Profession : More appreciation for your work is likely to happen starting from today, with a considerable more backing, your job prospects should take a turn for the better.It’s likely that your family will deliver the motivation you need to push things to the next level in your professional life.

Travel : Take care of your belongings while travelling. Huge loss is indicated during your trip.

Luck : Bad luck might cause you to face some delays in results of your efforts. Be cautious about money matters today.

aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19)

Health : You might have been felling a little down lately, low in terms of energy, enthusiasm and will.Fear not, all this is about to change, today you should slowly start to fell more energetic and more active.

Emotions : A great benefit of fear is that it keeps you safe. Take your time to do things today. If your fears hold you back, listen to them, analyse and then go ahead with what you feel is the best.

Personal Life : One step at a time is recommended for Aquarius, the horoscope for today has beneficial influences, although small, changes are set to be for the better.You may be after a period of uneasy calmness in terms of your personal life, time for you to take charge of things.

Profession : Transformations are likely today according to your horoscope, developments that are most likely effective in terms of your finances.Moderation is likely to characterize the growth in your capital, effort is still needed from your part to keep on the right track.

Travel : You shall travel for an auspicious function with your family. The trip shall be rejuvenating.

Luck : A good day for financial gains against your investments.

pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Health : This is a day in which you fitness and energy should reach peak form, making your life more enjoyable.Fatigue is likely brushed aside and you can deal with untended projects or catch up with some work.

Emotions : Work out and work in. Some yoga and helping a few poor people around you would help you feel better about yourself. Time to release all the emotions that are coiled in your heart or frozen on your lips.

Personal Life : This day is set out to fulfill your demanding nature, keep an open mind, embrace new people and all will go for the better.You may feel the need for more stability in your personal life, a bit of effort on your part and you may be rewarded.

Profession : Financial rigor is advise for you today, be more cautious in terms of spending and cut back on any irrelevant expenses.You might need to make a long term plan, Pisces born should make notes of every expense and every income to balance their money.

Travel : You might travel with friends. You are likely to spend more today.

Luck : You shall have mixed results of anything you do today. Try to focus on doing good things today.